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Techno Plus Plus is a Syrian IT/IS company located in Syria, Damascus. We are here to help our clients to gain higher performance with lower cost and high class services.
In Techno Plus Plus we focus on the quality of services and we believe that every section in the enterprises is in-need to technology services such as software, mobile apps, web apps and other amazing tools to save time and to have better and outstanding performance across all departments of the company.

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Is to be one of the leading companies in offering and delivering the latest global innovations in IT services and merging them in various business segments.


Delivering the new and high class IT/IS services with innovation of technology by merging the requirements and needs of the companies with the creativity of technology to help companies to be leaders.


We guarantee to our clients keeping thier data and information secure and protected from any kind of hacking, copying to any source, any third party.

Our Services

Devolopment Services

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Software Development

We believe that the development is the basic way to raise the company performance, we have a highly experienced team of engineers.

Web Applications

Web Apps it’s a new concept of software that designing and programming software on web hosting and can access it from everywhere, any time.

Mobile Applications

Our experienced team is ready to design and develop your Mobile application on iOS and Android platform.

Cloud Services

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Online Database

This service is specialized to host company’s databases on servers located in international datacenters which offers high speed.

Online Storage

Online Storage provides storage space for users in several categories of spaces, high retention confidentiality, easy access to these files

Technical Support Services

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Servers and Networking

We make a study for company requirements to build the network whether it is local or remote network by our engineers.

Computers Technical Support

We provide all kinds of technical support that keep your devices up-to-date for your programs and preparing operation systems.

Cameras and Surveillance Systems

We are offering CCTV Maintenance for almost brand and types of CCTV.

Database Administration and Development

Techno Plus Plus is one of the pioneer companies in serving Database administration and development.

Our Products


Matjar is an e-commerce app that drives a huge amount of sales and increases in profit for any business sector and is one of the most effective and scalable business models available. The objective here is to gain your visitor's trust and to utilize a layout and design that’s easy to use and highly reliable. This can make all the difference in your sales, turnover and profit and is one of the best services available for ROI. Matjar also has an integrated loyalty system that makes end user integrated with the company which based on points or offers. it works on (ios, android) and has a web app to manage the platform.

Top features:
  • platform user permission.
  • user points management.
  • customized notifications.
  • advanced search engine.
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Techno Plus Plus
Damascus, Syria
Tel: +963-11-3321616   +963-11-3321603
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